Topic: Uganda’s Financial Crisis: Could SACCOs be doing bad by doing good?

With people’s outcry about high interest rates and other expenses charged by banks, SACCOs came in vogue. Official data shows that there are more than 1,900 registered SACCOs in Uganda. However, a new study shows that opportunistic individuals and groups have made both savers and taxpayers unusually vulnerable to outright theft, fraud, manipulation, and poor governance. Could SACCOs be creating a large-scale crisis and precipitous decline in trust in the financial sector as a whole? Researchers are going to help us interrogate this.

Date:  20th April 2017

Venue:  MUBS Main Campus (ADB Building)

Topic: Uganda’s failure to industrialise

Uganda has an industrial policy and strategy. However, the country has failed to build a robust industrial sector. In the past two decades (1995 – 2015), Uganda’s average manufacturing value added as a percentage of GDP was 8.8%, and the sector employs less than 5% of the labour forces. What is the problem? What needs to be done to accelerate industrialisation and thus structural change of Uganda’s economy? New research presents new paradigm.

Date and venue:  to be announced

Partners:  Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung