Message From Chairman

We have launched an Economic Forum with a view to causing discussion of economic issues facing the country and challenging with the ideas to make a contribution to policy and action intended to improve the welfare of people.

All governments worldwide have one major objective:  To ensure the well being of its people in a secure peaceful environment.

Governments have responsibility to improve the standards of living of the people through its policies. With the right tax, government has a major responsibility to redistribute income and ensure equity and peace in the country.

The World Economy has since the sub crime crisis continued in perpetual economic crisis. The USA, the World’s biggest economy had its credit rating down rated from triple A because the markets failed that it could not meet its debt obligations in the timely manner. The USA has to compile debt never seen before in the world’s economics systems.

Europe is in a crisis, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Highland and Italy are in serious trouble at the age of defaulting on their debts. The Japanese economy has been in slumber for now 2 decades. Its only China and a few Asian countries that are seeing economic well being, Uganda is in the recent months. Trends not seen in the last 20 years.